The inhabitants of Earth are mostly microbes, and their activities are central to human welfare. Microbes can cause disease, but a properly functioning microbiome is essential for health. Microbes spoil food, but drive many forms of food production. Microbes mediate organismic decay, but catalyze numerous geochemical processes essential for life on Earth.

Research in the Penn Microbiology Department focuses on infectious agents that threaten global health, with an emphasis on understanding molecular mechanisms and developing key new methods. Areas of focus include pathogenic bacteria of the airway and gut, HIV/AIDS, insect- and rodent-borne viruses, herpes viruses, papillomaviruses, emerging infectious diseases and the human microbiome. On the host side, faculty study many areas of immunology related to infection, including innate and adaptive immunity, tumor immunology and vaccine development.


Congratulations to @ChristophThaiss @ThaissLab (@PennMicro), recipient of the @NIHDirector's New Innovator Award! Learn more Dr. Thaiss' project https://t.co/DCr9ehPEbJ and research interests here https://t.co/xWK59sSiB0 #NIHHighRisk

Congratulations to Maayan Levy @MaayanLevy_Lab (@PennMicro), recipient of the @NIHDirector's New Innovator Award! Learn more Dr. Levy's project https://t.co/gDAwL7vCat and research interests here https://t.co/1MT62xIhu3 #NIHHighRisk

Really beautiful talk by @NealHammer1 from @MSU_MMG at today’s @PennMicro ProK Seminar!

Research labs are the largest source of carbon emissions at Penn (37%!) Let's do our part in resisting climate change by practicing and encouraging sustainable lab practices!


More info at: https://t.co/GvCWgOkxUL

While early reports suggest that this year's #FluShot 💉 may be off the mark, experts say that it is no reason to avoid getting your vaccine ft. @SCOTTeHENSLEY (@PennMicro) https://t.co/HHDzLoudwx

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Prokaryotic Seminar
Monday, 10/14/19, 4pm, 209 Johnson Pavilion
Joris Beld, PhD :: Drexel University

Virology Seminar
Tuesday, 10/15/19, 12pm, 209 Johnson Pavilion
Claudia Arevalo (Hensley Lab); Alex Price, PhD (Weitzman Lab)

Microbiology Seminar
Wednesday, 10/16/19, 12pm, CRB Auditorium
Jonathan Stamler, PhD :: Case Western
Microbial Paradigms for S-nitrosylation