The inhabitants of Earth are mostly microbes, and their activities are central to human welfare. Microbes can cause disease, but a properly functioning microbiome is essential for health. Microbes spoil food, but drive many forms of food production. Microbes mediate organismic decay, but catalyze numerous geochemical processes essential for life on Earth.

Research in the Penn Microbiology Department focuses on infectious agents that threaten global health, with an emphasis on understanding molecular mechanisms and developing key new methods. Areas of focus include pathogenic bacteria of the airway and gut, HIV/AIDS, insect- and rodent-borne viruses, herpes viruses, papillomaviruses, emerging infectious diseases and the human microbiome. On the host side, faculty study many areas of immunology related to infection, including innate and adaptive immunity, tumor immunology and vaccine development.


Very excited to co-host a CTL/SACNAS workshop on "Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Science Education" with @SunnyShinLab! Should be a great discussion on inclusive teaching practices and celebrating diversity in the lab and the classroom!

Let us know about upcoming talks or seminars and we will post reminders here. 📢🧾

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A team of researchers, led by Norbert Pardi, PhD, is developing mRNA vaccines that encode proteins from influenza viruses that mutate only rarely. Experiments hint that these vaccines could remain effective from year to year. @PennMicro @nytimes http://spr.ly/6013JK2qx

Join us tomorrow at 12pm ET to hear Dr. Robbie Watson share @The_PW_Lab's exciting findings on cytosolic immune sensing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis! @PennMicro seminar link here: https://primetime.bluejeans.com/a2m/live-event/xqbzwhrb https://twitter.com/PennMicro/status/1447980466376609794

Tune in to the Fall 2021 #Microbiology Seminar Series tomorrow, Wednesday (10/12) at 12pm ET!

Dr. Robert Watson (@The_PW_Lab) of @TAMU will be joining us to discuss "Cytosolic detection of mycobacterium tuberculosis induces potent innate immune responses".

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Prokaryotic Seminar
Monday, 10/18/21  4pm  209 Johnson Pav
Kelsey O’Brien (John Lab)  :: Reyna Garcia Silias (Brodskey Lab)

Virology Seminar
Tuesday, 10/19/21  12pm  209 Johnson Pav
Ariel Shepley-McTaggart  ::  Harty Lab
Viral Late (L) Domains: Regulators of Virus Egress/Spread and Targets for Antiviral Development

Microbiology Seminar
Wednesday, 10/20/21  12pm
Dario Zamboni, PhD  ::  Texas A&M
Inflammasome activation in COVID-19 patients


Symposium II: The Developing COVID-19 Epidemic, July 8, 2020 (All Talks)
(sponsored by the Penn Center for Research on Coronavirus and Other Emerging Pathogens)

Symposium I: The Coronavirus Outbreak, April 3, 2020 (All Talks)
(sponsored by the Penn Center for Research on Coronavirus and Other Emerging Pathogens)