Parasitology Research

The Parasitology program involves faculty members from the Schools of Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, and Arts and Sciences.  Research topics range from the genetic basis of drug resistance in protozoan parasites to the mathematical modeling of helminth transmission within host populations. Areas of emphasis include 1) immunoparasitology, in which a large group of faculty focus on understanding immune regulation in hosts infected with Leishmania, Toxoplasma, and Schistosoma, 2) cell and molecular parasitology, in which investigators study topics including drug resistance in toxoplasmosis, gene regulation in malaria, and the molecular biology and neurobiology of infective nematode larvae, and 3) population/evolutionary biology, in which investigators focus on the interaction of trematodes with their snail hosts and the population dynamics of parasites of farmed animals.

Parasitology Researchers include: