Microbiology Seminar Schedule (Wednesdays at 12 pm, on Bluejeans) — Spring 2021 (pdf)

Neurovirology Seminar Schedule (BRB 1201)Spring 2018 (pdf)

Virology Seminar Schedule (Tuesdays at 12 pm, 209 Johnson Pavilion) —

Tuesday 1/19/2021
12-1:30 PM via BlueJeans
NIH required training
in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)
Discussion-based session:
Attendees will participate in this session by discussing case studies on data reproducibility, note keeping, reagent validation, and controls & variables.

Immunology Colloquium Schedule (Tuesdays at 4 pm, CRB Aud.) — More Info

Prokaryotic Seminar Schedule (Mondays at 4 pm) — Spring 2021 (pdf)

Immunobiology Research in Progress (Fridays at 12 pm, BRB Aud.)— More Info

Parasitology Schedule (12pm on listed Mondays, 132 Hill Pavilion) — Click here for schedule