Departmental Staff

Director of Fiscal Operations
Rachel Curran :: 215-573-6261
Departmental Accounts and Service Centers, Shared Services, Payroll/ Incentive, T32s

Faculty Coordinator
Margaret Kimble :: 215-898-8012
Faculty Appointments and Recruitment, Personnel- new postings

Senior Grants Manager
Derrick Bowman :: 215-898-1021
PIs: Bushman, Cherry, Jurado, Locci, Weiss

Grants Manager
Doug Steiner
:: 215-898-9978
PIs: Abt, Bates, Betts, Fraietta, Hensley, Levy, Ramage, Schultz, Shen, Shin, Thaiss, You, Zhu

Grants Coordinator
Beth Johnston :: 215-573-3694
Procard Allocations, BenBuys Approver, Concur Training and Questions, T32 Trainee Spending

Administrative Assistant
LaRue Rainone :: 215-573-6780
Manage BenBuys Shopping Carts, CV Updates and FEDS, T32 Appt/ Term and assist Eugenia with T32s

IT Project Leader
Michael Ma :: 215-573-5462
IT Technical Support, Purchase Planning, Network Resources

Educational Coordinator
Eugenia Guseynova :: 215-746-0092
School of Medicine Micro/ID1 Course administrator, Virology seminars, Prokaryotic seminars, Training Grants

Supervisor, Labs
Don Pijak :: 215-898-0891, cell 609-234-3462
Manage day to day operation for the Department of Microbiology